An experienced and respected professional in commercial real estate and the automotive industry, Philip Burroughs is based in Mechanicsville, Maryland. As an owner of Century’s The Used Car Factory as well as a successful real estate developer, Philip is constantly working and always busy. And although his career is demanding, Philip always finds a way to commit a great deal of his time and resources to give back to the community that has helped make him so successful for so long. Over the years, Philip has been a dedicated member of his community, and has been heavily involved in the area’s multiple service organizations and goodwill efforts. He has supported causes of many sorts, related to youth sports, cancer research, humanitarian services, and the environment.

Youth Sports:

Philip Burroughs supports several youth baseball and football organizations as well as high school teams in the Southern Maryland area, including Essex Co. Little League, Essex High School Softball Boosters, King William Little League, Camo Crushers Youth Baseball, and Essex High School Football.

Regardless of the sport, Philip believes that the lessons taught by hard work, determination, and perseverance can help all children realize their full potential on and off the field. Athletics provide the perfect environment for children of all ages to interact with peers and learn how to overcome challenges — invaluable lessons that mold children into leaders in all aspects of life.

Health, Wellness, & Cancer Research:

Philip Burroughs supports a number of causes related to health and well-being, specifically organizations that assist children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. He is committed to doing his part to help build a future where children are able to get the care they need to be healthy and reach their full potential in life. Philip supports Relay For Life, a community-based fundraising event for the American Cancer Society as well as Hunter’s Heroes.

Community Outreach & Humanitarian Services:

Philip Burroughs takes pride in supporting the local community through a variety of community outreach programs, humanitarian services, and public servants. These organizations include Essex Co. Department Social Services (tornado relief), Tapp. Essex Voluntary Fire Department, Upper King & Queen Fire Department, Essex County Sheriff’s Department, Indian Rivers Humane Society, the July 4th Fireworks Display, and a number of local Rotary groups.

And these are only a fraction of the several organizations and institutions that Philip Burroughs has spent years assisting. For a complete list of organizations that Philip has assisted, make sure to visit the Organizations page on this site by clicking here.

Outside of his humanitarian and philanthropic work, Philip Burroughs is an incredibly accomplished businessman, who currently owns and manages The Used Car Factory, based out of Mechanicsville, MD. Philip is eager to announce that he is in the process of constructing a brand new headquarters for the dealership which will feature a new, contemporary design, which boasts some grand additions, such as a large showroom and spacious office areas for Philip to work from. Additionally, Philip is also excited to franchise The Used Car Factory. It has long been Philip’s dream to create a nationally-known brand, and with this new franchise plan, he may very well see that dream come to fruition. The new headquarters should be completed by September of 2018.