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Philip Burroughs is an incredibly resourceful and skilled businessman and professional whose dedication and success are demonstrated through his ability to run two separate business endeavors simultaneously. And while his ability to successfully manage two professional interests is a true testament to his own personal abilities, it is where he is based out of that is just as important to his success. The Southern Maryland area has a thriving community that has received Philip Burroughs and his business with open arms.

Originally from the Southern Maryland area, Philip Burroughs has deep familial ties with the area, which he considers to be a point of pride. This deep pride and care for his fellow neighbors has caused Philip to become especially active in his community. That is why, as this site states, he has devoted so much time, effort and funds into multiple charitable organizations and institutions that directly impact the Southern Maryland area.

Southern Maryland is Philip’s home, and it always will be. This is why he takes such great care of the people who have trusted him and helped his businesses thrive.

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