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Philip Burroughs is a committed philanthropist based out of Mechanicsville, MD

Philip Burroughs Common Myths Surrounding Philanthropy

Common Myths Surrounding Philanthropy

Philanthropy is a way to improve our planet and society. Many people love to use the term, but few people truly know what philanthropy actually is. Because of this, philanthropy has gotten something of a bad reputation. There are so many different myths surrounding the topic today, and in order to help dispel some of […]

Philip Burroughs | Money Cryptocurrency Technology Currency Bitcoin

What Is Akoin?

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has taken the finance world by storm. Investors and finance analysts alike are intrigued by the possibilities afforded by decentralized digital currencies. Although crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently the most popular cryptocurrencies available, there are now more than 4,000 different alternative crypto coins to invest in. […]

Philip BurroughsKate Spade Donates $1 Million To Mental Health

Kate Spade Donates $1 Million To Mental Health

It’s been over two weeks now since handbag designer Kate Spade’s suicide rocked the world. It was more than a fashion story; the lurid details of her death were posted in every corner of the internet, and her family was left to deal with the aftermath of this tragic event. Although Spade sold her eponymous […]

Philip Burroughs Avicii

Avicii’s Charitable Nature Becomes Even More Apparent After His Tragic Death

Swedish DJ Avicii’s successful career came to an abrupt end after he was found dead on April 20 at the age of 28. The artist, whose real name is Tim Bergling, had taken the electronic dance music world by storm with such hits as “Hey Brother”, “Pure Grinding”, and “Divine Sorrow”. Since his 2011 platinum-hit, […]

Philip Burroughs How to Donate To Your Community

The Most Unexpected Ways to Donate to Your Community

People who give back to their community show that they care about helping it thrive. Check out some of the most unexpected ways to donate to the community below. Give Goods Many people have an excess of goods in their homes, whether that is clothes, electronics, books or something else. Do not throw out the […]

Philip Burroughs Memorial Day

5 Charities to Donate to This Memorial Day

In the wise and timeless words of John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” This Memorial Day, give back to your community and showcase your support tangibly by making a charitable donation! Not sure where to begin? No worries! […]

Philip Burroughs Lyft

Lyft’s New Charity Program

Lyft is instituting a new charity donation program for its riders, though the focus of the donations isn’t very well defined. The program is called “Round Up & Donate” and the company is promoting it by telling its passengers that they can “take a seat to take a stand.” The program offers riders a chance […]

Philip Burroughs Most Charitable People In the World

Most Charitable People In the World

Who are the most generous people in the world? The following people outrank almost 99% of the rest of the world in their philanthropic giving. Bill and Melinda Gates Bill and his wife Melinda have donated over $27 billion in their lifetime. While Bill is mostly known for founding Microsoft, he and his wife now […]

Philip Burroughs Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Has Donated Her 100 Millionth Book

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library was honored by a special ceremony at the Library of Congress on March 1 when that event also became a kick-off for a new initiative between the two. Beginning this month (March), for the next six months, the Library of Congress’ Young Readers Center will present a monthly program for children […]

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