People who give back to their community show that they care about helping it thrive. Check out some of the most unexpected ways to donate to the community below.

Give Goods
Many people have an excess of goods in their homes, whether that is clothes, electronics, books or something else. Do not throw out the items. Donate them to a community organization, reuse center or a charity like Goodwill. Give the items another life and keep them out of the landfill. Donating goods also helps the environment. People who donate their goods clean out their homes and closets, which can make room for things that they need, and want, to store. Finally, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction that one gets when they clean out their old belongings. The start of a new season is a convenient time to do this.
Give Time
Some community members donate their time through volunteering. People can find and take time to volunteer even if they are busy with other things such as work or school. Many places offer one-day events that need volunteers. Those with more time could opt to teach a class, tutor or take on other tasks for a nonprofit or community organization. United Way and other databases can give an idea of some organizations and volunteer projects that need to be completed. People who want to volunteer keep their interests, schedules and goals in mind when they help to make the greatest impact they can.
Give Money
Have too much going on to volunteer? If so, spread the wealth by giving to those committed to the greater good. Whether it is a campaign, team, school, organization or cause, money helps these things survive and flourish. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, Americans gave $390.05 billion in 2016, a 4.2 percent increase from the previous year. Corporate and foundation giving each rose 3.5 percent, to $18.55 billion and $58.28 billion, respectively. Individuals were the largest source of charitable giving at $281.86 billion, which accounted for 72 percent. Ready to join them? Consider giving some of the year’s earnings. Here is a list of some different places to donate funds.
Give goods, time, and or money and help make a community a better place in which to live. Give back today!