Celebrities. There is something about them that makes us stop and listen. Maybe it is their wealth, influence or profession; perhaps it is merely the fact that our society is told to revere these individuals as special. And while certain celebrities can prove to be very talented or innovative, the truly special celebrities are those that give to charity and are heavily involved in philanthropy. And so, I figured I would list a few celebrities who are using their popularity and fame for good.



This may come as a surprise to nobody, considering that Bono is known more for his charitable efforts than being the frontman of U2. Bono has contributed to a variety of charitable organizations and institutions, however his biggest philanthropic endeavor goes towards the fight against AIDS in Africa. Using his passion for helping others, Bono helped found ONE, a major advocacy organization aimed at combating poverty and AIDS in Africa. The organization currently has 7 million members and, through its efforts, has managed to save the lives of tens of millions of people. Bono’s most popular organization is RED, which he helped co-found in 2006. RED specifically fights AIDS by teaming up with some of the largest brands across the globe and offering specially designed products whose proceeds benefit the organization.


John Legend

Not many people know that popular musician John Legend is quite the philanthropist. He has been most vocal about assisting developing nations to become self-sufficient as well as bolstering student education. Legend founded the Show Me Campaign, which aims at giving young students the power and confidence to become successful professionals.


Emma Watson

Emma Watson is mostly known for her role as Hermione Granger in the popular Harry Potter film series. And it seems as if she is just as magical off-screen as she is on-screen. Watson has donated to several charities from around the world, including Great Ormond Street Hospital, Small Steps Project and Millennium Purpose. Watson is best-known for her fight for female rights and feminism. As a co-founder of the popular HeForShe movement, Watson is certainly vocal about gender equality. The HeForShe campaign is designed to inspire boys and men to become advocates for women’s rights.


This is only a small list of celebrity that are using their popularity and influence for charitable causes. Perhaps I will feature even more in the future. Until then, do not forget that you do not need to be a celebrity to give back.