It’s been over two weeks now since handbag designer Kate Spade’s suicide rocked the world. It was more than a fashion story; the lurid details of her death were posted in every corner of the internet, and her family was left to deal with the aftermath of this tragic event. Although Spade sold her eponymous company several years ago, Kate Spade New York was still very invested and sad to hear about the shocking death. Instead of being content to wallow in this sorrow, however, they chose to make a difference for others who may be suffering with mental health crises. Since the company already has an offshoot devoted to charity—Kate Spade & Company Foundation—it made sense to make use of that asset and donate a million dollars to making mental health a priority, as well as preventing suicide. But the brand even took it a step further—not only did they donate to these causes, but they encouraged others to donate as well. On their Instagram statement, they informed followers that they would be matching donations.

One of the charities the company donated to was the Crisis Text Line. Providing invaluable assistance during times of need, this non-profit offers modern solutions for the age-old problem of depression. After all, many who are suffering from depression do not want to make a phone call or reach out to friends and family. However, in the depths of despair, some find that they are still able to text. For these people, the Crisis Text Line can mean the difference between life and death.

Indeed, the death of superstar designer Kate Spade shook many to the core. If Spade, a woman who was considered to have “everything”—could suffer from such advanced depression, then anyone could. The shocking suicide of TV chef Anthony Bourdain, which occurred very soon afterward, only confirmed this fact. With suicide rates on the rise in the U.S., everyone is searching for answers, as well as better funding for mental health programs. Kate Spade, with her colorful, joyful designs, impacted the lives of young women everywhere. After her death, many of these women took to Twitter to praise her. With this new donation, her namesake company is attempting to make her legacy one of hope.