Imagine a world where running water is provided for everyone. The world is made up of a large portion of water, yet too many people don’t have access or can’t afford clean, running water. Two communities, one in Detroit and one in Baltimore are striving to change that through a charity known as The Human Utility, formerly known as the Detroit Water Project.

This organization is re-defining how water bills are being paid. Anyone will access to the website or organization can participate in this charity in two ways. You can state that you need help paying your water bill, or for those more financially fortunate, you can choose to help someone else pay their water bill.

Did you know that cities are turning off tap water, leaving people without the ability to shower, clean their dishes and clothes, and simply drink water in their own home? This forces people to find a source of water elsewhere. High water bills and low-income don’t mix, forcing utility companies to turn off the tap due to unpaid bills.

The Human Utility seeks to resolve this issue. With proof of income, low-income families can apply for help. A donated pool of funds is collected through the Human Utility and goes towards paying water bills for families without water. Once their overdue bills are paid, the water is turned back on and a family in need can once again enjoy the privilege of water flowing through the pipes in their home.

Dating back to 2014, this project has helped over 1000 families have their water turned back on, with their delinquent bills finally paid off thanks to the money disbursed from the donated pool. Donations are accepted at all times, in many forms. Whether you donate financially (which is tax-deductible) or you donate your time and skills, you can help provide the essential need of water to improve a family’s quality of life.

The Human Utility does more than simply paying off bills and providing water for those who can’t afford it. It establishes hope and brings a community together. Volunteers, donators, and low-income families are all part of this organization, making this a great step for humanity. One can only hope that this type of organization will appear in other high-need areas throughout the country, and perhaps even the world.